If you're here that means you're a new follower on Instagram, new to the blog, or just stumbling upon this post randomly. Regardless of the reason, I welcome you to this space and thank you for following along in my DIY doings. While Instagram is where I share my weekly doings and sewing progress, my [...]

Indie Woven Shirt Pattern Roundup

Happy Monday friends! One of my favorite things to sew is easy simple woven tee shirts. They're basic, quick sews that also allow you to use an array of woven fabrics for pretty designs, colors and patterns. There are so many woven shirt patterns out there and what's amazing is they're all different in design [...]

Industrial Sewing Machine 101

One thing I struggle with as a sewing content creator is documenting my progress on sewing projects. I finish my outfits so fast I barely ever get a chance to snap photos of the work I'm doing! A large reason for that fast work is because I don't have a regular sewing machine, I have [...]