Sleeve Elevation with McCall’s 7838

Hello lovelies! I’m writing you from the Paris Beauvais Airport currently awaiting my flight to Lisbon and its giving me exotic vibes that made me want to FINALLY share this top with you. Read below for the details on this fabulous and versatile collared shirt and how I made it super functional to fit my needs.


My top is made from an icy blue chambray from Indiesew’s Cloudless textile collection, sold out now. It washed well and came out with a work feel and crinkly texture but is still crisp and smooth when ironed. It sewed like a normal chambray.

My pants are made from a stretch corduroy from La Mercerie, also sold out but here are some wonderful corduroys they currently have in stock. The fabric was thick and easy to work with.


The Pattern for the top is McCall’s 7838 in View C with no modifications and sewn in a size 6.

The pants are Simplicity 8842. The fit was very off for the pants pattern and I had to alter and take the pants in about 3-4 inches after sewing a size 12 according to my measurements and the pattern. I also chose my size according to the stretch in the fabric. I feel personally that the measurements are off for this pattern but that’s just my opinion, other than the ill fit, the pattern was very easy to sew and I actually enjoyed construction.


I could not find the perfect buttons for this top so I opted to use snaps instead of buttons. The result was excellent! The top has a very professional and clean look while still having a slight industrial feel. Its also simple to put on and take off. I highly recommend this modification for breastfeeding or disabled women, it would also work very well with children’s clothing. I used a snap plier tool which can be found at Hobby Lobby for $10 during Sewology’s 50% off sale. It made installing all 19 snaps very simple and quick.


Overall this pattern was easy, fun and simple to make, especially for those experienced in making collared shirts. I can wear this top underneath dresses or with a pair of jeans or slacks. It’s a very versatile and fun pattern.

Stay Sew Happy,


4 thoughts on “Sleeve Elevation with McCall’s 7838

  1. Alexis this look is FIERCE! I love everything about it and after seeing your version, I plan to make this shirt soon ( Right now the pants scare me a many pieces) Your use of snaps is both fresh and genius. I know I said it before BUT I looooove the hair. It all just fits together so nicely. Safe Travels…😍


  2. Love LOVE your top!
    Do you think the pattern pieces would easily blend from a view C sleeve cap to a view B wrist?
    I’m ‘assuming’ that you chose the size based on your measurements? The fit (and it) is perfect!


  3. Woah, nice outfit. Love the sleeves (divine in that fabric) and I’ve been craving corduroy trousers for ages. Despite your fitting troubles with the pattern, the finished articles look great. Very inspiring!!


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