End of Year Recap/Thank You + What’s New in 2020?

So here we are at the end of another year of growth and change. This wasn’t one of those “this year went by so fast!” years for me, this year for me was slow paced, difficult and a roller coaster or unknowns with blessings around the corner.


Business-wise, this year started with a bang for me. I started off trying to implement a “Wear It 3 Ways” series that I wasn’t really passionate about but it gave me something to do. At the beginning of 2019 I was definitely trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my sewing.

Then came Indiesew! I applied to be one of their website bloggers and they chose 6 others and myself to join their team for 2019! I was shocked as I didn’t even think myself the greatest in terms of sewing, but it was SUCH fun journey and great to work aside 6 other talented ladies and form new connections. Sadly, Indiesew came to a close November 30th after years of being in business and that chapter of my journey had to end. But it definitely opened doors for me! You can find all of the collaborations I did with Indiesew here on my blog.

Around the same time that I began my journey at Indiesew, I also took the plunge at being mentored by Tabitha Sewer. It was so fun learning how to grow my social media following and rebrand myself and my business (Pomegranates and Pieces turned into what you see today as my self named brand). Rebranding did help me grow tremendously too, it opened doors for me with new companies and gave me brand partnership and collaboration opportunities (found HERE & HERE). Thanks Tabitha Sewer!

Towards the fall my husband and I took a trip to Europe which I had planned on documenting and turning into a travel blog on this site, however the trip was for our anniversary and I didn’t make blogging a priority then, something I don’t regret at ALL. I don’t know if I’ll share everything we did on our trip, or the places etc, but I do know that despite a rough year in my personal life it was amazing sharing amazing places with my best friend, photographer and husband.

Eating a croissant in a cafe in Tuscolana, Italy

Being in Europe taught me a lot of things. We went to 4 countries in Europe , Spain, Italy, France and Portugal. Going there taught me not everything in life has to be documented, or can be. Some experiences are just that. It really put social media into perspective for me. I take more breaks now, focus on this as a business and a creative outlet for myself, avoiding the politics and favoritism of Instagram and its hang ups. When we returned I took up knitting to have something to remind me that it’s OK to slow down. Which brings me to 2020..


I made a lot of mistakes this year with my business and my mindset, I compared myself to other influences and bloggers, I felt inadequate many times. I procrastinated on deadlines and didn’t dedicate time into my website like I should have. Personally I had a lot going on, but I didn’t use the fuel I acquired to light the flame on my passion of writing and sewing. I forgot very much why I was doing this and why I started.

Looking back now in order to move forward, I am proud of sticking to this. Staying in this game and feeling worthy to continue because there was a time I didn’t. I wouldn’t have figured that out if I hadn’t slowed down and really looked at what all I accomplished.

Next year I’m planning on doing things a lot differently. I’m focusing on quality content and informational articles to assist anyone who follows me. I will be introducing a DIY Wardrobe Building Series to help those who sew find the building blocks of sewing a capsule wardrobe of any size. This series will also help those who don’t sew learn what clothes and colors to buy to build a transitional wardrobe that works for them.

In 2020 I am giving back, to myself and to the people who have supported me. In the background I’ll be slow sewing and taking my own time with personal projects and ideas to share with you all.

I want to say thank you to those who have followed me and supported me over the past 2 years of me blogging. Thank you for your patience, admiration and for seeing the best in my work and myself. I can’t wait to start 2020 with a bang. Let’s elevate!