About Me


Hi there!

My name is Alexis and I am a maker, creator, blogger and fashion enthusiast.

My aunt taught me to sew when I was 10 but the skill went off and on over the years until I finally decided to hone it after doing alterations for my husbands jeans. Through the help of Youtube and DIY-ers like Mimi G and Style Sew Me, I was able to finally discover my passion for the art of sewing and keep at it.


I now sew because I can’t find clothes that fit my figure comfortably in the store. Because I have a pear shape I make all of my clothes pear shape friendly and grade accordingly.

My style is very inspired by bohemian and Anthropologie vibes. I love warm prints and interesting designs. I love all things flowy, loose and anything that twirls! I look to add more colors into my wardrobe as I continue sewing. I also LOVE statement earrings. You usually won’t find me without a pair of earrings on unless I’m relaxing at home, and when I am wearing them, you can bet they’ll be interesting, colorful, large or all of the above.

Upon meeting me one might view me as extroverted by initially I am a very shy person. I don’t like being the center of attention and I don’t like showing my face, so this blog has been a real confidence booster for me and has allowed me to get to know some awesome people. It’s also taught me the value of showing self love as making the things I make for myself gives me a feeling of self confidence and satisfaction.

I started this blog with the help of “A Life Style/Fashion Enthusiast’s Guide to Blogging” by Mimi G and am currently enrolled in Pattern Workshop for pattern design and hope to develop my own line of patterns one day, but for now am focusing my attention on sewing and blogging.

Follow me on my journey!