About Me


My name is Alexis Bailey and this blog is my creative space to share all of my me made things with you!

I started blogging January of 2018 and since then have grown to building my own self named brand, micro influencing and working with some amazing blogging and fabric companies to inspire others to open their minds to their own creativity.

The beginning of my sewing journey began by being inspired by bohemian vibes and Anthropologie looks. Gradually as I’ve sewn more though I have fallen in love with the concept of sustainability and being eco conscious while also learning to keep my making process simple. Its been a learning curve but I’ve enjoyed this new change in the way I look at and create clothing. It’s also been able to help me begin creating my “forever wardrobe” which is a capsule wardrobe I hope to add to less and less over time and create using methods that produce long lasting clothing.

I work with an industrial sewing machine to make my garments, so I put clothes out pretty fast when I’m not slow sewing! Along with that I have a serger and a domestic sewing machine.

My husband works alongside me as my photgrapher capturing moments and all of my me made outfits so that I can share them with you.

I’m looking forward to bringing you even more tutorials, fashion and style tips, and pattern reviews and I hope you continue to follow my journey!